​Welcome to The Friends of the Colleyville Public Library!

Drop off Book  Donations are  temporarily  suspended

at the Colleyville Public Library.

Please email the Friends (friendscolleyvillelibrary@gmail.com)

to be added to the donor list and we will contact you

to set up an appointment time to accept your donation.

Guidelines for Donating Books at the Library

We love book donations at the Colleyville Public Library.  However, the storage area is very limited, so we do not have room for many of the books you may wish to donate.  

Please follow these simple guidelines.  First, contact the Friends at our email address (friendscolleyvillelibrary@gmail.com) so you can be added to the list of donors.   Once you are contacted by the Friends, we'll set up a mutually convenient time to receive your donation at the Library.  Please do not put your donations in the book drop and do not drop them off at the drive-through.  The Library staff can give you a receipt for your donation if you need one.

Here are the best categories for donations

  • Children's Books,
  • Hardcover Fiction and Nonfiction,
  • Trade Paperbacks,
  • Mass Market Paperbacks,
  • College Textbooks with a publication date of 2011-2020,
  • DVDs, Blu-ray Discs,
  • Audio Books on CD and
  • Videogames.

A Quick Note about the Condition of Materials

Books should be free of mildew, mold and dirt.   The spine should be in good condition; the books shouldn't be missing any pages.  The books cannot have water damage.  If the donated books are not in good condition, they will be recycled. 

Limits to what we can accept or store

As we've written above, our storage space at the library is very limited.  Please don't bring the following items to the library when you come for your donation appointment. 

Instead, please recycle or donate these items to another group in the area: 

  • Reader's Digest Condensed books,
  • Time-Life Books, Literary Guild or Book of the Month editions,
  • yearbooks,
  • magazines,
  • reference materials published before 2015,
  • textbooks published before 2010,
  • audio casettes, VHS tapes, computer software,
  • encyclopedia sets 
  • any material that is in poor or damaged condition.

Thanks for your understanding and support!